5 Steps That Will Make Your Site Immune to Algorithm Changes

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imageAre you alarmed about the recent Google algorithm changes?

Here’s the deal in a nutshell – follow the rules and you won’t have to worry about algorithm changes and updates. 99% of the time they only affect websites that are trying to get rankings by cheating in one way or another, or that are so poorly designed and optimized that they seem spammy to search engines.

It pays to do things the right way. Follow these 5 steps and you won’t have to worry about changing algorithms:

  1. Build a site that is valuable for visitors
    Check your navigation, content, photos, forms and landing pages
  2. Ensure that your code is search engine friendly
    Review your titles, descriptions, content, alt tags and contextual links
  3. Make it easy for visitors to convert
    Make certain your phone number is easy to find, contact form works, your shopping cart works smoothly to completion, your download links aren’t broken
  4. Build links the right way
    Write meaningful articles that are interesting to read and add value, then syndicate them for keyword links as well as encouraging potential customers to visitor your site
  5. Post to your blog on a regular basis
    Keep it fresh and interesting with valuable information for the reader, and avoid sales pitches

This can be a considerable amount of work, but if you’re serious about your business you’ll do it. If you’re not SEO savvy, hire someone who is. You want a website that is the best it can be – ranking well in search engines and converting visitors to sales.

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