Lead Generation to Sales Conversion

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If you’re frustrated with sales on your website, you may find this chart representing B2B lead generation to sales to be a real eye-opener. Almost a quarter of the sales in the cycle take 12 months or longer.

Lead generation chart

An excerpt from Marketing Sherpa’s report:

“One of the most challenging obstacles to marketing is the time span from lead generation to sales conversion. These long sales cycles put pressure on marketers to streamline the lead nurturing process… We also wanted to know what percentage of leads at each stage of the pipeline were likely to advance to the next stage. We found that on average, nearly four in 10 leads move from initial inquiry to being sales-ready and the same ratio advance from sales-ready to qualified prospect.”

This should serve as encouragement to not give up too soon in your marketing efforts, and to put more emphasis on lead nurturing. This report is focused on B2B, however, the same advice would serve for B2C, although the sales cycle should be shorter, depending upon the service or product being offered.

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