Mayday: Time to Update Your Content

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Google Mayday algorithm change Many webmasters have seen a huge drop in traffic from Google, up to 90% in fact, for keyword phrases that are three or more keywords long (long tail keywords). This has been the result of Google’s latest ranking algorithm update, called Mayday. This was not an attempt to remove spammers – among the affected websites was a 13 year old site with a Google PageRank of 7 and 400,000 backlinks. Not to mention one of my sites that was roaring along (to my excitement) until the update.

Apparently this is not a penalty but a change in Google’s ranking algorithm. Google now has the computing power to index longer keyword phrases more accurately. Prior to this change, Google guessed the best pages for long keyword phrases, basing results on other signals and keywords on the indexed pages.

If you’ve experienced a decline in traffic from Google to your website, you might have to change some of the content on your web site. Until this update, the order of keywords could vary to some degree. Now, though, if you want to be found for "dog training collars dallas" then these words should appear in that exact order on your website. If you’re using a different variation, such as "dallas dog training collars" then you’ll most likely get search result listings for that variation but not for other word combinations.

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