Why Inbound Links are Still Important

With the search engine algorithms changing continuously, link building is one of the most effective ongoing SEO services for online marketing and one of the major factors influencing a website’s ranking in search engines.

Here is why link building must be an ongoing process for your website promotion:

1) Maintain Search Engine Position

There are many web sites that achieve high rankings in search engines for days and then gradually disappear from the top positions. The most likely reason behind the decline in position is terminating  link building campaigns.

There are millions of web sites in competition on the web, so you need to consistently increase the number of links to your website to retain your search engine positioning. That is why the SEO service providers continuously build links for web sites.

2) Increase Link Volume

When ranking a web site, search engines count the quality as well as the volume of inbound links to the pages of the site. An ongoing link building process keeps on increasing the number of relevant links to the web site and simultaneously contributes to the search engine positioning.

The function of ongoing SEO services includes an increase in the number of quality links.

3) Continual Online Promotion

Ongoing link building is extremely important for consistent online promotion. With thousands of competitors out there on the web, your services need ongoing advertising to stay at the forefront. Continuous link building solves that practical purpose and simultaneously maintains rapport with other web sites.

4) New Keyword Optimization

With the changing search behavior of web users, you will need to optimize your website with newer sets of keywords over time to increase the searchability of your website. Unless you conduct campaigns for new keywords with link building, you may lose the potential traffic.

5) Keep Up With Changing Search Engine Algorithms

Search engine algorithms change frequently.  SEO specialists continually update their knowledge with advanced search engine optimization strategies, leaving behind methods as they become obsolete. For instance,  reciprocal or two-way link building is no longer as valuable as it once was for search engines like Google.

On the other hand, links from paid directories and press releases are important for any website. Links from social networking site have become the latest trend. An ongoing link building campaign will help you secure links preferred by search engines.

6) Increase Usability of Your Site

Links are the navigation medium between two documents from two different web sites on the web. Large numbers of  links to a document proves its higher usability. If you consistently increase the volume of links to your web site, it will add to your credibility and also boosts your site’s search engine ranking.

7) Search Engines and Visitors

Every day, hundreds of new web sites are launched and the search engines and visitors are crawling through them. New web pages also get crawled and indexed by search engines while visited by human visitors. Your ongoing link building campaign will widen the chances of search engines visiting your site more frequently.

8) Fresh Information for Your Visitors

Link building strategies such as article marketing is a robust way of informing and educating your visitors about the ground-breaking ideas on your products and services. Informing your visitors on regular basis can be critical to your success in search engine optimization process.

9) Build and Maintain Maintain a Bond with Your Visitors

Link building goes beyond building incoming links for your website. It is about communicating with your prospective visitors and consistently establishing the trust factor which is essential for strategic SEO marketing.

10) Update Your Customers

Blogging and distributing press releases are two of the most effective link building processes for updating your existing customers and prospects on recent products and developments. Apart from generating relevant links for your website, these two communication methods often prove to be very useful in creating credibility and keep you front of mind.