Why Online Marketers Focus on Google

Do you wonder why online marketing companies and SEOs make the Google search engine their goal?

Google is the top search engine used by searchers. In December 2012 Google’s share of searches was 65.2%. Yahoo’s share was 4.9% and MSN has increased to 2.5%

Results are sometimes up to the minute.

Google offers options not found on other search engines. Next time you perform a Google search, click on one of the optional links at the top of the results. You can choose to search photos, videos, forums, reviews, narrow your search by time and even more.

Yahoo and MSN are not usually as hard to get high rankings on. They seem to place more value on content rather than such a huge importance on links like Google does.

So why bother with Yahoo and MSN at all?

Yahoo’s demographic is younger, hip, and financially comfortable, while MSN appeals to an older crowd, including Baby Boomers, who havea lot of spending power.

The good news is if your site is well structured, has good optimization, and a reasonable number of links, it will most likely show up on MSN and Yahoo before ranking in Google. So you’ll start getting traffic even while your site is struggling up the Google ladder.