Make Sure Your Site’s SEO is Up to Date

Search engine optimization (SEO) methods to get websites ranking in search are constantly changing.

Google algorithm changes are made on a daily basis, and major changes, such as the Panda Update in 2011 created a major shift in SEO, especially for small businesses in Google Places listings.

Broadly speaking there are two types of search engine optimization – “on-site” and “off-site.”

On-site optimization deals with the layout, format, and content of a web page to make it attractive to a search engine as well as visitors.

Off-site optimization deals with external factors like the number and quality of other sites linking to your site’s pages. It includes all types of inbound link building.

Which Type of SEO is More Important?

  1. If the search engines don’t find a well-optimized site, they are less likely to rank it well. Your first order of business is to ensure that your web site is well optimized.
  2. If your business is regional, your business listing must be found in Google Places Business listings as well as local online directories.
  3. Since each website needs to compete with millions of others for the attention of the public, there is a constant need to build inbound links to increase its position in the search engine results.

On-Site Optimization

Get detailed recommendations for your site

  • Code
  • Navigation
  • Keywords
  • Titles and Descriptions
  • Content
  • Graphics
  • URLs