Social Media Marketing for Your Business

Social media is super important for businesses. The Internet has become a conversation and you need to be part of it.

Google and other search engines use social media engagement as a factor when ranking websites in search results.

Which social media site is best for my type of business?

Facebook has a somewhat older audience that has a large variety of interests. Advertising is relatively inexpensive and often very effective. Facebook takes advantage of the virality of information – this means that when something interesting is posted and is liked and commented on, the reach expands exponentially. It’s important to take advantage of this effect.

Twitter is a great place to talk about your industry with customers and potential customers. Many businesses hold conversations about their products, manage complaints and concerns, and offer special discounts on Twitter.

Pinterest has a vast audience of women and is extraordinarily popular! It is a completely visual site, so if you offer products Pinterest may well be a great resource for you.

Google+ circles tend to have deep discussions about specific topics. Google+ may work well for you if your business is educational, research or service-oriented.

Instagram draws a younger group of people, ages 18-34. It’s more cutting edge, and is great if your business is visually based.

Vine is a mobile application which allows users to create content in a 6-second video format and upload it to Facebook and Twitter.>

How can I leverage social media to increase my business?

  1. Create a plan. Without that your efforts will be random and ineffective. Your social media plan can include introducing products and services, sharing information, answering questions and holding contests or giveaways. You will most likely choose one social media site to concentrate your efforts, but the others should not be ignored.
  2. Custom graphics will be needed for all the sites. Timeline graphics, logo, profile photo and backgrounds should present a cohesive design, which will help with branding as well as keeping visitors on your social media pages.
  3. Collect the information you want to share. Write short updates, find photos/graphics to add to them, set up boards on Pinterest, and create videos.
  4. Sign up for the various sites. Add as much information as possible, and make certain that your content includes keywords for the search engines.
  5. Determine the best times to place updates, posts, pins and tweets for your audience and schedule updates. Daily is best.
  6. Overwhelmed? Give us a call at 602-743-0207 and let us help you develop and manage your social media marketing plan.