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Marketing Sherpa just released this chart on the marketing effectiveness a various SEO efforts. Although their reports are written for B2B, we can use the same information for Business to Consumer (B2C).


Although keyword research is the foundation for all SEO, and should be at the top of the effectiveness portion of the chart, the effort expended is on the low side:

It’s surprising that respondents did not indicate that keyword research required a high level of effort. In order to conduct effective keyword research that will drive results of SEO campaigns, a considerable amount of effort in research is required. This may be an indication of organizations executing incomplete keyword research.

Keyword Research – The Foundation

It’s very easy to conduct a quick review of keywords via Google’s keyword tool. However, that keyword tool was recently changed and doesn’t give results that are as trustworthy as they may have been in the past. Additionally, just because a keyword gets a lot of searches does not mean it will convert well or at all for your product or service offering.

My favorite tool for keyword research is Market Samurai, which includes competition analysis and monetization among many other valuable tools. You can get a free copy (does not include all modules) by clicking on the link.

Blogging for Fresh Content

I found it interesting that businesses perceive blogging as being very high in effort but low in effectiveness, yet developing new content is perceived as highly effective. Including a blog on a site means adding new content on a regular basis (hello). It’s content that gets crawled regularly, and can rank on it’s own merits.

Businesses are missing out on a huge source of ongoing, targeted, fresh content opportunities if they don’t include a blog or utilize their existing blog effectively.

Inbound Link Building

Ongoing link building is perceived as a high effort, highly effective tactic. Although some smaller, local businesses can get by with fewer links, those with a lot of competition must keep inbound link building work going all the time in order to get and maintain their rankings. My company has a department dedicated to inbound link building for our clients.

The link building work we perform is predicated on keyword research – aha – and now we’re back to the value of spending more time on keyword research to improve SEO!

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