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SEO the Right Way While watching a video on how to tie shoelaces (most of us do it the wrong way, resulting in sloppy looking bows that come undone), I realized this could be applied to website optimization.

Specifically, a good number of people have the right idea when it comes to (source code) titles, but they set it up backwards, making sloppy work of their SEO and sabotaging their efforts.

Let’s say you sell socks and your CMS insists on putting your site name on every page. Make this change…

Instead of this: Marathon Sports Shop – Men’s Running Socks (site name – product)

Do this: Men’s Running Socks – Marathon Sports Shop (product – site name)

This simple switch means your keyword phrase is now at the beginning of every title on the pages of your web site, which will make a huge difference in your SEO ranking efforts for your keywords.

Even better, if you don’t have to put your site name in your title, use that real estate for keywords. You’ve got 65 characters that will show up in Google listings. After that, you can insert your site name if you really want to…it won’t show up in the Google title results, but unless you’re  a well known brand, like Coach or Nike, it won’t matter.

Just in case you’re worried about tying those shoelaces wrong, here’s the video :)

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