Trademark Infringement Can Kill Your Site

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Trademark Infringment A lot of people don’t understand DMCA, the US Copyrights Law that provides protections against, and criminalizes the use of other people or businesses intellectual rights.

No one wants to lose a website due to copyright infringement, but Mark over at The Niche Store Builder had that very thing happen. If you are using a copyrighted name in your domain name you’ll want to read his article I Lost a Site Due to DMCA Violation – Trademark Infringement!

A couple of his guidelines include:

  • If you have a site about foreign cars and it has the word Honda in the domain… you are are in violation! If its foreigncars .com, and you have Honda’s on it, you will not likely have an issue!
  • If you have a domain named “” and it has Apple computers… problem! with Apple computers, no problem! If you are a company that sells “Miniature Apple Cart Stands” that are commonly called “MACS”… and you sell them at, again, you will likely have no problems, since you are not representing or infringing on the mark.

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