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pretty-permalinks One of my readers was kind (and sharp) enough to point out that my permalinks were not search engine friendly.

I’ve discovered that when I update plugins, I’ve got to go back and check all my settings, which obviously I forgot to do this time around. Arrrgh!

One of the most problematic plugins for me in this regard is All in One SEO. It’s a great plugin, but whenever I upgrade it I have to go the settings and enable it yet again. I don’t know why the developer makes that the default; perhaps because he wants me see his donation request. All it really does is irritate me.

On this blog I use Platinum SEO. I noticed that it did not change the permalink structure in the “Permalinks” settings when I updated the settings. So, apparently it doesn’t work as well as I thought, and I may have to change over to All in One SEO. Since the developer sees fit to tweak it weekly (at least it seems like it) I’ll have to stay on top of it, or once again, my “pretty permalinks” won’t be so pretty.

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